Project Description

Client – KURENTO

imposing itself on this market by renovating, among other things, cogeneration plants with the aim of producing electricity. Its portfolio currently represents 359 MW, it is composed of diesel generators, cogeneration plants and hydroelectric plants. The cogeneration plants are renovated under C13 contracts. Kurento has contacted the Structured Finance Department of (BPI) “ Banque Publique d’Investissement ” to finance 4 SPVs that will house cogeneration power plants.

Work performed

Adenfi has been mandated to carry out due diligence in order to present the banks potential risks and propose mitigation solutions for them.
For the first stage in the credit’s committee, Adenfi conducted an administrative review of the file, an insurance review, as well as an update of the financial modeling of the project company in operation ESL (Electrical System Layout) and continuous . For the second stage in financial closing, Adenfi conducted a review of the technical elements of the file, an update of the financial model based on the contractual documentation and a due diligence report. Finally, technical visits were made.


4 cogeneration plants
17.4 MWe