Project Description

Client – Caribbean Wind Company, Jacques Gaddarkhan Group

Based in Guadeloupe, the wind farm is composed of 8 wind turbines for an installed capacity of 12 MW.

Work performed

Located in Guadeloupe, the wind farm consists of 8 onshore wind turbines with an installed capacity of 12 MW.

Adenfi was financial advisor for debt raising and technical advisor regarding the project development.
Business model has been performed with sensitive studies on technical and financial parameters. Financial strategy on the best IRR for our client has been performed as well as impact of subsidies and tariff regulations on the financial model.
The project teaser has been made and transferred to the best financial partners. Negotiations with banks have been performed to select the best partner for our client in term of financial rates and conditions.Regarding the project development Adenfi has done the energy yield
assessment, supplier commercial negotiation, environmental authorization, regulation with local authorities and national tariff supplier.

Grande-Terre, Guadeloupe

8 Wind Turbines
12 MW