Project Description

Client – Groupe Cap Sud

The Cap Sud group is a national leader in the construction of solar farm buildings with the BATSOL offer and photovoltaic roofs for private individuals through the MY SUN by Cap Sud offer. After 14 years of experience, thousands of achievements in France and abroad, the Cap Sud Group is a key player in the energy transition. Their activities range from development to maintenance, from engineering to financing and from town planning to project design and implementation.

Work performed

Adenfi was mandated by the Cap Sud group and its co-shareholder Sogefir to create a financial modeling tool for the group’s business, the holding company, the operating companies and the project companies.
The challenge of the mission concerns the determination of the Monthly Rolling Fund Requirement based on historical data of the companies as well as a projection of the development of the different activities of the Cap Sud group linked to a strong ambition to deploy new large-scale offers.
The results make it possible to assess cash requirements at the level of the holding company and of each company in the group.

Rhône Alpes, France

Holding group

16 companies (project and operational)

Monthly description