Hi, I am Frédéric BARALON and I work for the company Wärtsilä

Can you present your company Wärtsilä ?

Wärtsilä is a global leader in smart technologies and work among other on the construction of thermal power plants with high speed motors. Today we have a department called “Energy Solutions” dedicated to provide engines and EPC contracts worldwide. Nowadays “Energy Solutions” represents around 67 MW of installed capacity worldwide.

Can you describe your job ?

In Wärtsilä I am in charge of the business development in the domain of solar activities. Since 2 years, Wärtsilä has been positioned as a major EPC in the construction of ground solar power plants around the world mainly in Africa, Middle East, and Latino America. The company has an important vision of development in the renewable energies, energy storage and hybridization.

What are the development perspectives for Wärtsilä ?

In the renewable energy domain, Wärtsilä is positioned as an unavoidable actor with a long-term vision of 100% renewable energy in its proposed solutions. Not only solutions with innovative thermic engine to limit carbon dioxide emissions but a complete integration of renewable energies to achieve the objective of 100% clean energy and facilitate their integration to the electric network.

A final message ?

To achieve 100% conversion towards renewable energies, Wärtsilä’s will is to develop all the different domains of clean energy (solar energy, energy storage) to facilitate its complete integration to the electric network. If we want our children to have a bright future, we need to have a real 100% renewable energy vision.