Follow our team in a serie of short clips “IMMERSION” an insight of our work, way of life and vision.
Edit #1 – Aurélia Flèche

Hello I’m Aurélia Flèche, i’m a founding partner of Adenfi.

I work with the technical and marketing teams I’m specialized in financial modeling, for SPVs or holdings. I support our overseas sales agents in our internaitional development I take part of meetings working on international projects .

The protection of the environment in a main driver in my personal life. I always wanted to act, and Adenfi allows me to act concretely, to improve the global system and environment.

I like waterspouts such as surfing or diving. And Like the beauty of the oceans, the magic of the subsea floor, the calm atmosphere we have watching wildlife. I like the beauty of the landscapes, and the feeling of inner peace it gives. At the same time, when practicing this sports we have to deal with the pollution created by humans. After a storm in Brittany you can see fishing nets and dead animals on the beach. Even in dreamy places such as the Maldivian islands, you find beer cans on the beach.

Thus, it’s time to act, that’s why we want to get involved with companies that change their model or provide solutions to preserve the environment. With the ultimate goal of protecting the environment ans the oceans.